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Nitric Oxide Reviews
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Wednesday, 2 September 2009
Nitric Oxide Reviews
The role of nitric oxide in promoting muscle growth has only just started to be understood. Unlike any other supplements like protein or creatine, the general public haven't a clue what nitric oxide ( NO2 ) is, how it works, or whether it can help them achieve the body they've always dreamed of. Even bodybuilders, males and females who dedicate their lives to being ripped don't know that NO2 can add pounds of rock-hard lean muscle, increase their strength, and improve recovery time.

in simple language it's a compound made from one nitrogen atom and oxygen atom. With the assistance of the amino acid arginine, a grouping of enzymes known as Nitric Oxide Synthase ( NOS ), and a chemical reaction, the body produces NO2 along with citrulline. Therefore , to increase NO2 levels in the body, it's best to take a supplement that offers a generous supply of these 3 necessary amino acids. Doing so will give your body the most vital precursor to NO2 ( l-arginine ) and vital precursors ( aspartic acid and citrulline ) to extend arginine production.
For our purposes, the most vital side of this compound is its role as a messenger controlling blood flow, one of the body's most critical processes and a process vital to building muscle mass and boosting athletic performance.

typically, NO2 is produced in the endothelial cells that line the inside of arteries. When muscles contract, these cells are stimulated and NO2 is synthesized and released. Once it is released, the compound diffuses into the local smooth muscle tissue of the veins which causes them to widen ( called vasodilation ). This dilation results increases blood flow to the area, giving your muscles that pumped feeling.
That pumped feeling is very important. Blood, which carries vital nutrient elements ( amino acids, glucose, oxygen, and creatine ) flows to your muscles, which is your body's techniques of forestalling a decline in performance and muscle function. Blood also carries away carbon-dioxide and lactic acid, byproducts of metabolism that fatigue muscles and, ultimately, restrain performance.
Increased blood flow augments muscle expansion, strength development, and decreases recovery time. Nitric Oxide is the catalyst behind the muscle pump and is the naturally-occuring compound in your body responsible for helping your muscles perform at their perfect potency.

learn to control the power of Nitric Oxide and use this info to your benefit.

Free Trials Available here.

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Nitric Oxide Reviews
Nitric Oxide Reviews

Posted by kylemontgomery71 at 11:11 PM EDT
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